Education, Training and Faciliation

We aim to lift, inspire and motivate clients towards empowerment in support of self actualization and meaningful change.

RISEWITHKJ provides facilitation, coaching, training, and consulting support to equity and social justice-focused organizations to maximize their capacity for mission fulfillment, leadership development and competency, and programmatic alignment. Aligning staff and stakeholders on shared values and vision and building capacity for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work can allow everyone engaged with an organization to contribute their best work and bring in their diverse lived perspectives, experiences, and knowledge.

Education, Training and Faciliation

Race Equity Basics

Key concepts and foundational terms related to race equity, structural oppression, implicit bias and microaggressions

Equitable Supervision

Strategies and activities necessary for real time growth in leadership with a focus on leading from within using an anti-racist lens.

Creating a Highly Inclusive,



Begin the journey to creating a more diverse organization by creating a safe and positive environment and communicating with cultural sensitivity and humility. 

Leading for Change

For the leader ready to dive into deep conversations on how race influences relationships, decision-making and growth.