Education, Training and Faciliation

We partner with the organizations listed below to offer these services.  

Engaging Race Workshops

Key concepts and foundational terms related to race equity, structural oppression, implicit bias and microaggressions

Retreat Facilitation

We offer retreat facilitation for all size groups using the RWKJ Inclusive Dialogue Model. 

The Inclusive Dialogue model is a process that intentionally creates space for each participant to speak and share reflections in their own time. The process can be used to bring together individuals who wish to engage in deeper reflection, conflict resolution, healing, support, decision making or other activities in which honest communications, relationship development, and community building are core desired outcomes. 

Equitable Supervision

Strategies and activities necessary for real time growth in leadership with a focus on leading from within using an anti-racist lens.

Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations Series 

This series is designed to support organizations navigating staff conflict. This series centers equity, inclusion and belonging. 

1.   Exploring Conflict Philosophy
2.  Conflict Management and Difficult   
3.  Difficult Conversations Framework
4.  The Power of Restorative Leadership
5.  Creating a Culture of Belonging
6.  Creating a Conflict Management Map

7.  Creating Standards for Navigating Conflict
8. Skilling Up on Conflict

Coaching from "Within"

  • For seasoned professionals with personal and professional experience in the field of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

  • For new and emerging professionals leading or engaged in anti-racist, anti-oppression work. 

  • For the leader in need of a confidential, and supportive coaching team

  • For the leader desiring personal and professional growth by acknowledging, accepting, and being held accountable for the influence and impact of microaggressive, oppressive and marginalizing language, behaviors and decision making

  • For the leader seeking deep personal transformation in alignment with anti-racist and anti-oppressive principles 

  • For the leader ready to blend the heart and mind in pursuit of equity and inclusion